June 06, 2012

Perodua studying the making of sedans!

 Perodua is talking about the possibility of them in heading to the sedan building route. The second national car manufacturer is planning to explore the area in building cars with an engine capacity of larger than 1.5litre. Till date, the largest Perodua model is the Alza MPV, which comes with an engine capacity of 1.5litre.

Perodua is not keen to invest in electric cars research and production because it is expensive to build them. Therefore, building sedan is one of Perodua's biggest wishes and would possibly have a collaboration with UMW Holdings if Perodua is building one.

Currently, there are two existing models which have the biggest possibility of being the platform of Perodua's sedan. First up is the Toyota Etios. The Etios is a low-cost Toyota which penetrated markets such as Thailand, but it tends to have a lot of cost-cutting measures to keep it selling cost down. If Perodua is going to use the Etios as its first sedan, I hope it will be redesigned as the exterior of the Etios looks obsolete.

 Second is the 2nd generation Toyota Vios. Currently powered by a 1.5litre VVT-i engine in our market, and I suppose it will remain unchanged if Perodua is going to rebadge reengineer it. It should be a better car compared to the Etios, but price wise will surely be more expensive than the latter.

 It is unlikely that Perodua is going to build a sedan from scratch as it would require a great amount of money and time. But still, we shouldn't rule out completely the possibility of Perodua doing so. It might even be possible for Perodua to use the 1st generation Toyota Vios as the platform since it's not selling in our market anymore and it should be cheap to be produced too.

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Tony Teh said...

I remember the case study I had back in college. To save money, our local car manufacturers copy the design of other cars so yeah, there are not gonna design one from scratch indeed. Most probably gonna be another copycat. LG Cinema 3D Smart TV review

SiMon Har said...

it's called concurrent engineering. Save cost but people dun like it :(

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