June 16, 2012

Test Drive: My Experience !

 Many car buyers will go for a test drive before paying the downpayment for a car. This is to have a feel on car, ensuring the car is exactly what the buyer is looking for. Usually test driving involves a salesperson sitting in the front passenger seat while the potential buyer in the driver seat, testing the test drive unit like whipping on a horse as hard as he could so that the horse churns out every 'horsepower' it has.

 I have a confession to make: I don't go test driving D-segment cars or above in a showroom. The reason? My age is only in the early twenties. I couldn't bare the thought of the salesperson despising me, saying that I couldn't afford the car or he is wasting his time attending me. The most expensive car that I ever drove is the Volkswagen Passat CC, which was selling at RM239k at the time I tested it. I drove the Passat CC in an event called 'Volkswagen Test Drive Event', so I drove it proudly like a boss and took my time to evaluate every aspect of the car.
 Please ignore the 'My choice' wording...

  I also drove a Volvo S60 T4 in the Car of The Year 2 U (COTY2U) 2011 event in MATRADE. Public can test drive various kind of cars which are available in the market at that moment. I'm always a big fan of Volvo, so I couldn't resist myself from testing out the S60 eventhough I'm aware that I'm not a potential buyer of it. Luckily, the female salesperson who was on duty that day was friendly and helpful eventhough a young person like me is asking for a test drive session, kudos to her!

 Sometimes I admit I put on a serious face whenever I go check out or test drive cars in premium manufacturers' showroom. This is to give an impression to the salesperson that I'm keen to know more about the car!

 The most unpleasant test drive experience of mine is when I went to check out the Proton Exora Bold. Since I've driven the naturally aspirated CPS Exora, I'm eager to know how much the turbocharged CFE Exora Bold differs in terms of performance compared to the former. Yes, I'm aware of my age but when I asked for a test drive, the salesperson replied by asking is it me or my dad who want to buy it. I was dumbfounded for a second because I believe a salesperson should be professional enough to let everyone (regardless of age, gender etc.) with a driving license test drive his car.  Who knows that person will recommend the car to others or promote the car as a blogger like me?

Perhaps I have to put on a fake moustache with an old-school looking spectacle whenever I go to test drive a MPV...... Then no question will be asked......

Oh wait! The salesperson will still need my IC, and that's when he will find out about my age!

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4 Gossips:

Xjion89 said...

hahaha, nvr know who is the real boss^^

SiMon Har said...

ya la *wink*

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