July 19, 2012

Dual SRS Airbags & Pre-tensioners standard on all Perodua cars !

Good news from Perodua! Our second national car manufacturer has declared that it will be fitting Dual SRS airbags and pre-tensioner seatbelts (front) as standard on all new Perodua cars starting from 1 July 2012! This includes Perodua Viva, Malaysia's currently cheapest new car, and even the entry level variant will be getting the safety features!

Best of all, Perodua will absorb all the cost of fitting these safety features in every new car. This means the pricing of every Perodua model will remain the same. However, this doesn't means that cars produced before 1 July 2012 will need to be fitted with these features, like how the rear seatbelts in the older cars are mandatory to be installed last time.

The reason for Perodua to undergo these changes are to meet the UN ECE R94 safety regulation set by the Transport Ministry. Yes, many would say that a strong structure of a car is the keypoint of survival in a crash, but airbags and pre-tensioner seatbelts are also important in reducing the forces created by the collision. Next up, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) should be compulsory in every car, and then Electronic Stability Programme (ESP).

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