July 22, 2012

Ford Fiesta 1.4 LX - with 7 airbags at RM69,999 !

 Great news are announced continuously by Ford Malaysia! The Fiesta 1.4 LX manual variant is reintroduced into the market, and now it comes with 7 airbags opposed to only a single driver airbag available in the phased-out variant. Not only that, this huge improvement in safety doesn't come with a huge price. You can get the Fiesta 1.4 LX at only RM69,999, an increase of RM111 over the phased-out variant!

So, the Ford Fiesta 1.4 LX manual is Malaysia's currently cheapest car to have a knee airbag for the driver. It is deemed that knee airbag protect the driver's knees from the hard or protuding surfaces created by the dashboard and steering column. This generous increase in terms of the amount of airbags will make the Fiesta a strong competitor in the B-segment, where now the Fiesta is a safe and no doubt a car with great handling.

The 1.4litre engine produces 91PS @ 5500rpm and 128Nm of torque @ 4300rpm. The Fiesta 1.4 LX manual has keyless entry system, EasyFuel, ISOFix etc. The weird case is that the 1.6litre Fiesta hatchback automatic comes with only two airbags, but it has Traction Control System (TCS) and Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) as standard. An automatic transmission for the Fiesta 1.4 LX would be appealing to many youngster!

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