August 19, 2012

2013 Land Rover Ranger Rover - Lighter & Evoque-d

Land Rover has officially pulled the wraps off its all-new 2013 Ranger Rover. While Range Rover's ruggedness and signature design features (ie. the 'wrap-around' window) has been retained, the headlights and taillights no doubt has been influenced by the successful Evoque, which is a stunning looking SUV. However, the final result doesn't turn out as good as the Evoque. Some couldn't help but to notice there are some Ford Flex in the exterior design. Maybe it's because Range Rover doesn't want to change its winning formula too much, something like how Toyota did with its Camry perhaps.

One of the highlights is the lightweight, all-aluminium monocoque structure (world's first in SUV) which makes the 2013 Range Rover 420kg lighter than its predecessor. I bet Jaguar contributed a lot in the development of this aluminium structure! Theoretically, lighter body means lesser fuel consumption. The aluminium body is also stiffer compared to its predecessor, and this translates better handling and crash safety.

The cabin of the 2013 Range Rover reminiscent of the Evoque's, and I believe the gear lever area is inspired by Jaguar's. An increase of 100mm in terms of wheelbase ensures the spaciousness of the cabin. Since it's a Range Rover, offroad ability will be second to none. Land Rover introduces its next generation Terrain Response System which automatically monitors road conditions (sand, snow etc.) and select the most appropriate mode based on the road.

With Evoque's waiting list extended well into next year, I believe Malaysia won't be getting this Range Rover anytime soon.

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