September 28, 2012

Renault Clio Estate - Yes, It's a Wagon !

Yes, what you are looking at is the Renault Clio Estate, a wagon variant of the Clio supermini. Whoever designed the Clio Estate did his job well, so well that it doesn't look like an elongated version of the Clio hatchback at all!

 While the front end is obviously carried over from the Clio hatchback, which I think it's a bit 'swallowen', the rear however is an entire different story. The wavy window line sweeps smoothly towards the rear, engulfing the D-pillar by blackening it. The rear door handles are hidden in the blackened C-pillar to give a cleaner side profile, also an impression of a 2-door car. The loading sill is also made much lower compared to its predecessor and also its hatchback sibling, but the designer designed the bumper so creatively that the Clio Estate's low sill is made almost impossible to be noted.

With the extra 201mm of rear overhang, the cargo space of the Clio Estate is measured at 443 litres, 130 litres more than what Clio hatchback has. Accompanying the extra cargo space is the flat cargo floor which extend the entire length until the front passenger area, where the seat can be folded flat too.

Frankly I'm sure that many wouldn't mind if Renault decides to import the Clio Estate instead of the Clio hatchback into Malaysia, where wagons doesn't perform as well as hatchbacks. The Clio Estate is indeed a pretty fine piece of art...

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