September 09, 2012

Volkswagen Das Auto KL 2012 @ Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre !

The icon is back by debuting in the Volkswagen Das Auto KL 2012 event! The icon refers to the all-new Volkswagen Beetle, also known as The Beetle. However, I will be focusing on the event instead of The Beetle in this post (for more info on The Beetle, click here). One of the improvement this year compared to the same event held last year is the changes in the registration system. Visitors have to register online for their free ticket according to the session they want, thus it reduces the waiting time and helped the show to run smoothly.

The main character of this year's event is of course The Beetle. Parts of the older generation Beetle were displayed outside of the hall for your viewing pleasure while waiting for your showtime.

Once we are allowed to enter the hall, we were filled with documentaries of the older Beetle which shows how tough the Beetles were made while waiting for the show to start (and it started on time). The older Beetle is so well-built that it can wade through flood and is literally air tight as mentioned by the person in the video!

There were interviews with some Beetle owners who told us some of their fondest memories with their Beetle:

After a series of performances and singing, five Beetles in different colours gathered on the stage. Boy, they are gorgeous! I'm sure the design can stand the test of time very well :)

You doesn't need me to note how stunning looking the yellow 2.0 TSI Beetle is! 2.0 TSI is unavailable in Malaysia for the time being and will be launched in the future.

Daytime running LED light for the 2.0 TSI.

1.2 TSI engine with 105PS at 6000rpm and 175Nm from 1550-4100rpm.

Inspired by older Beetle - body coloured dashboard. One-of-a-kind design!

The 310 litres boot doesn't look small to me! Rear seats can be folded in case if you need to fit in something bigger.

Other than The Beetle, Volkswagen also showcased some of their latest clean technology like this Polo.

 Here are the mockup of the famous DSG gearbox and 1.2 TSI engine.

 Volkswagen also showcased some of the existing products such as the Volkswagen CC, Polo Sedan and Sharan. Volkswagen allowed the members of the public to enter the display cars this year, it proves that Volkswagen listened to the feedback from the public!

Other than the exisiting product lineup, there were also some models on display which are not selling in Malaysia right now. They were the Touareg Hybrid, Amarok pickup truck and Multivan.

Huge cabin space in the Multivan!

Das Auto KL 2012 has more interaction with the visitors compared to last year too. Children can have fun by joining the 'Little Bugsters' area for colouring activities with the guidance of the friendly staffs.

Families can also take their family portraits in the photo booth, where there were few templates to be chosen from. Check out the happy kid with his dad 'in' the Volkswagen Beetle!

Volkswagen 'fan' were aplenty for visitors to take one home. I can see that Volkswagen invested a lot in the event. Well, no disbursement, no profit, right?

All in all, the event is a great success in debuting The Beetle to the public. Hope the Volkswagen Das Auto KL event will be back in next year!

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