October 27, 2012

Nissan Almera - Optional Accessories !

While we are waiting for the launch of Nissan Almera on the 30th of November 2012 in Malaysia, Nissan Malaysia has announced few optional accessories that are available for the Almera in its Facebook page.

 LED wing mirror signal lights - improves safety as well as add-in a touch of class by inserting a strip of chrome on top of the LED housing. (Pricing is not available)

IMPUL rims - 16" HS-06 on the left (RM4000 for a set of 4) while 17" SX-10 on the right (RM4600 for a set of 4). Both are produced using IMPUL Super New Cast process which helps to reduce the total weight by 20-30%.

 Door visor - To prevent rainwater from dripping into the cabin when you open the window ajar during or after raining. (Pricing is not available)

 Trunk tray - First of all, the shoes are for illustration purpose only! The RM180 trunk tray will keep your boot organized while maintaining the cleanliness of the trunk.

 Multimedia navigation console - Inclusive of a reverse camera, DVD player, iPod connectivity, USB and Bluetooth connectivity. All these for RM2800 only, which I think is a bargain.

 LED stainless steel kicking plate - Give a more upmarket feel to the cabin while protecting it. It costs RM280. I would opt for this so that when you open the door, the cabin would look cooler with the word 'Almera' lighted at night.

Sport pedal - Nope, it's not paddle shift on the steering wheel, but these elegantly finished pedals are great for the racy ones. Only available for automatic transmission Almera though. (Pricing is not available)

All these optional accessories will give your Almera a touch of your own taste, making it (a tad) different from the other Almeras on the road!  


The optional accessories' price revealed!

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