January 18, 2013

UNSW Foundation Year at KDU University College

If you want to be affiliated to a world class university right after you finish your secondary school, look no further than University of New South Wales Foundation Year programme at KDU University College! As KDU UC itself, is a pioneer and leader provider in the field of private tertiary education since 1983.

Do you know that KDU UC consistently achieved 100% passing rate in its UNSW Foundation Year? This is very impressive and shows the academic excellence of KDU UC! The ability to garner such amazing result is due to the stringent entry requirement to ensure that students are able to excel in the programme.

Of course, experienced and trained lecturers play an important role too where they are trained by their counterparts from Kensington Campus, Sydney. Close supervision by the lecturer, constant communication and ideal ratio of students and lecturer are some of the priorities to achieve excellent result.

The programme is streamlined into three disciplines: Life Sciences, Physical Science and Commerce. Such specialisation is to ensure that students are trained in the right areas from the start of the programme. It is, however, does not limit their university choices. The Group of 8, which is a consortium of top 8 universities in Australia, ensured that the fundamental subject is well covered during foundation year too.

Holistic development and strong pastoral care as well as field trips organised by the students under close guidance of the lecturers has benefited in terms of improving life skills and bonding amongst peers and lectureres. No wonder some friends of mine still keep in contact with the lectureres long after the completion of their foundation year here at KDU!

So there's no better place other than the UNSW Foundation Year at KDU University College! For more information about the programme and activities at KDU University College PJ, please call 03-77288123/03-79536688, email best@kdu.edu.my or log on to KDU's website at www.kdu.edu.my.

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Xue Ren said...

wow! u really blog about this eh?? awesome!! :D

SiMon Har said...

Xue Ren: Haha, nice to see u in the photo. It's an advertorial too XD

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Miss Emily Watson said...

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