June 18, 2013

Kia Cerato is launching in Malaysia on 2nd July !

  Project C has been revealed as the upcoming C-segment Kia Cerato, also known as the replacement model of Kia's best selling sedan in Malaysia, Forte, and it is coming to Malaysia on 2nd of July 2013. Two engine variants will be available, a 1.6 litre and 2.0 litre.

Naza Kia's website has revealed several features of Cerato, including a first in the C-segment sedan - Air ventilated seats. It should provide a comfy ride during long distance driving.

 Other features include HID Xenon headlamps (only for 2.0), LED daytime running lights, Smart Welcome Lights and LED rear combination lamps.

 The Smart Welcome Lights' feature is very fascinating! When you are approaching the Cerato with your key fob, it senses the key fob and automatically illuminate the welcome lights. Imagine doing it at night with your peers around!

Price is not announced yet, but it is expected to be priced in the B-segment region for the 1.6 litre Cerato, just like the current Forte.

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