May 17, 2014

Volkswagen Service Centre Dissatisfaction

While many have dissatisfaction with the after-sales of Volkswagen, I faced similar condition too. I bought a pre-owned Polo Sedan from a particular Volkswagen dealer with a service centre, the car is great but the Sales Advisor gave me a headache. The car was promised to be polished before handing the car over to me, but scratches and even some peeled paint spots (which I asked them to touch-up on the spot) are spotted at the moment of delivery. A day after that I realised even the plastic piece covering some electronics below the steering wheel is missing too. I accepted the fact that it's a pre-owned car but at least do a more thorough checking before handing it over to customer. The mileage was around 15,000km, but the SA gave a reason that service centre has no slot to do servicing and asked me to drive first because Volkswagen owners can now drive for 16,500km before servicing without getting our warranty void. 

To bring my car for its first service, I made some phone calls to the service centre to make the appointment. The calls were hard to get through and this is also commented by another customers which I eavesdropped in the service centre. So, after I have successfully made an appointment, I have to trouble myself to take a day off from work on one of the Saturdays, headed to the service centre with a complimentary service voucher for my first service. Guess what? My car had actually been serviced before my purchase without any note in my service booklet and also the SA's knowledge!

I was dumbfounded, thinking how come the service centre can be so negligent. Right now I still have no idea about will I get another complimentary voucher for my second service or not, at least as a courtesy for all the confusion, right? 

Volkswagen is a great car, I don't mind getting another one if I can afford. I know Volkswagen Malaysia is trying to improve by introducing services on Sunday in certain service centres and an Extended Warranty Programme of 1500km goodwill allowance to the existing 15000km service interval mileage. But Volkswagen Malaysia got to re-evaluate each of its dealers, especially in the after-sales service. Don't let the after-sales service becomes your Achilles' heel...  

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